Piggies available for adoption



Please contact me to see who's looking for a home. 
There are many myths about boys which are simply not true. Boys like to live in pairs. A bonded pair will not fight. They do not smell anymore than the girls. If you lose one, they don't have to live alone for the rest of their days. I can find a new cage mate.  Boys love their cuddles, and will sit quite happily on your lap.


I have females looking for homes.

I very rarely have long-haired girls looking for homes.
A good handful of people try to "buy" younger and even older long-haired girls so they can breed them to sell babies.
I do not belive in breeding! I have 40 rescue guineas and there are too many out there to add to the problem.
You have to be well-known to me before I will consider re-homing a long-haired female to you.