Meet the Crew

Over the years that I have been running the Ranch I have meet some wonderful people. I would like to introduce you to them and tell you a little of what they do.

Lauren and Alan

A wonderful lady in her 30's and her fiancé who I had the pleasure of meeting when I started the rescue. Lauren adopted 4 long-haired females, and calls them founding 4. Her passion has grown along with the size of her hutches. They currently have around 100 "guineakids" and care for them as if they are royalty.

Immaculate custom-built hutches. And the veg would be accepted on any Michelin star table. Lauren has first refusal on any long-haired females. She rarely say no, and has taken on groups. If they come in as a 5 she will take them and keep them as a five. The 100 guineas are spilt into smaller herds, and 3 snipped boys are lucky to have a small herd each. Lauren has a non-breeding policy. Any piggy with a chocolate colour or more unusual coat colour gets her weak at the knees!

Alan having only know Lauren for around a year is doing well and is starting to remember all the names of their little charges. Lauren is wonderful and drops of any overhauls of veg that her lot can not get through.

Viv and Greg

I meet Viv around 2 years ago. Greg was buying 2 guineas for Viv's Christmas present. 19 guineakids later, I think they have one of every colour size and shape. Again Viv has taken on odd family trio who have come in, and  kept them together. Along with Theo the very happy snipped boy. Viv is always dropping off newspapers and extra veg that has been grown in "grandad's" green house. There is an extra guinea shed at grandad's which Viv has been known to round-up the guineakids and drop them off at Grandad's guinea day care centre before work only to collect them on her way home.

Viv and Greg also do a wonderful job on our fund rasing days. Many hours stood there with the penny jar!

Claire and her 2 young sons

Claire started up with 2 guineas, then came back for a another 2. She is now one of my main foster homes, doing a grand job with 2 of the "manky girls". They came in with fungal, mites, boldness and matts in their fur. Claire then went on to have the maternity ward. Any of the possibly pregnant ones goto Clair for tlc.

Her biggest achievement to date is having 9 babies born to 2 mums on the same day. The mum with 6 was not coping so Claire introduced 3 of them to the mum who only had 3 and they are coming on grand. A week later, as the 6 were so tiny we,ve discovered that they were interbred. Extra toes on the runt, this has explained the problems Claire has been having with them. The mum was no more than 6 months old herself. 2 of the babies have eye problems and may lose the eyes, along with skin problems. It's very touch and go if 2 of them will make it through. Claire has been weighing them am, noon and night. Not to mention been up in the night feeding the runts. Her dedication and love for animals has led to her opening up her own boarding centre.

If you live in Verwood and would like to use Claire's services please have a look at website.